C.H.I. Commercial Fire Doors: 7000 Series

7000 Series Fire Doors: 7301, 7302, 7366, 7400, 7401


Fire Rating & Curtain

3/4, 1-1/2 or 3 Hour Rating

  • Model 7301 - 20 or 22 gauge / Non-Insulated / Flat Slat
  • Model 7302 - 20 or 22 gauge / Mineral Wool / Flat Slat
  • Model 7366 - 22 gauge Stainless Steel/Flat Slat

3/4, 1-1/2, 3 or 4 Hour Rating

  • Model 7400 - 18, 20 or 22 gauge / Non-Insulated/Curved

4 Hour Rating

  • Model 7401 - 18, 20 or 22 gauge / Non-Insulated / Flat Slat


  • Manual push-up, chain hoist (standard) or motor operation

Available Standard Colors

  • Gray, White, or Galvanized for model 7301 & 7302 (20 gauge), 7400 & 7401 (18 & 20 gauge)
  • Gray, White, Tan, Brown, or Galvanized for model 7301, 7302, 7400 & 7401 (22 gauge)
  • #4 finish for model 7366

Powder coat

Half-hexagonal formed hoods

  • deliver superior structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal

Options and accessories available.

Safe, simple, inexpensive and repeatable drop testing is made possible in any facility with a flip of a handle. C.H.I.'s Guardian™ Fire Doors promote achievable standards for drop test compliance by making the job safe, understandable and simple for everyone. Simple test fire doors are our standard for chain hoist and motor operated doors. Choose from models in a variety of gauges and U.L. label ratings from 3/4-hour to 4-hour protection.

Manual push-up, chain hoist and automatic reset motor operation is available for Guardian™ Fire Doors and can incorporate one of several release device options. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other model codes recommend frequent drop testing of rolling steel doors to ensure a continuous state of operational readiness. C.H.I. strongly promotes these recommendations with the Guardian's™ advanced design features.

Rolling Fire Doors are available in a variety of gauges, materials and fire-ratings to achieve your project requirements.


  • Flat Slat (FS) cover 2-1/2” high by ¾” deep
  • Curved Slat (CS) cover 2-5/8” high x 7/8” deep
F2.5 Flat Slat Detail
Model 7401
F2.7 Flat Slat Detail with Mineral Wool
Model 7302
F2.7 Flat Slat Detail
Model 7301, 7366
Flat Slat Curtain
Exterior Detail
C2.6 Curved Slat Detail
Model 7400
Curved Slat Curtain
Exterior Detail


  • 7301: 20 gauge / Flat Slat, 24'0" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7301: 22 gauge / Flat Slat, 18'0" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7302: 20 gauge / 24 gauge backer / Flat Slat, 24'0" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7302: 22 gauge / 24 gauge backer / Flat Slat, 18'0" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7366: 22 gauge Stainless Steel/Flat Slat, 13'4" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7400: 18 gauge / Flat Slat, 24'0" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7400: 20 gauge / Curved Slat, 18'4" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7400: 22 gauge / Curved Slat, 13'4" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7401: 18 gauge / Flat Slat, 24'0" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7401: 20 gauge / Flat Slat, 18'4" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height
  • 7401: 22 gauge / Flat Slat, 13'4" max std. width / 24'0" max std. height


Tan (22 gauge only)
Brown (22 gauge only)
Stainless Steel with #4 finish


  • Malleable, zinc-placted cast iron endlocks and windlocks maintain curtain alignment and increase windload capacity. Galvanized malleable cast endlocks are fastened to every other slat. Windlocks are added as dictated by door size & windload requirement.


5" x 1-1/8" lites available in a variety of patterns (not available for model 7302)


Guardian™ Fire Doors carry standard listing or oversize U.L. Labels

C.H.I. Listing Label
C.H.I. Oversize Label



  • Unique half-hexagonal shape is more rigid and easier to handle and install than more traditional round hoods.
  • Fabricated from minimum 24 gauge galvazined steel sheet shaped to fit within the headplates.
  • Intermediate hood support(s) furnished as required.
  • Available in colors/finishes to match curtain.
  • Model 7366: 24 gauge painted steel (standard) or optional 24 gauge #4 stainless steel hood

Mounting Options

Face of Wall Mount

Z Guides (Steel or Masonry)

E Guides (Steel)

Between Jamb Mount

Between Jamb Mount (Steel, Masonry or Wood)


  • Fabricated from three (minimum 3/16" structural steel angles bolted together to form guide channel
  • Guide angles include curtain stops & flared guides
  • Hot-dipped or cold sprayed galvanized guides (optional)
  • Stock RAL powder-coat in 188 colors options


  • Fabricated from minimum 1/4” steel plate
  • Drive side of barrel to be provided with precision sealed ball bearing in cast iron housing
Headplates vary in size according to door size


Available with Chain-hoist (standard), Manual Push-up and Motor Operation

Chain-hoist operation

(comes standard)

Motor Operation


  • Gear reduced chain hoist features a centrifugal governor that can be adjusted to control the drop speed of the door.
  • This allows door to be closed to the floor evenly and smoothly at a constant speed.


  • Available in 1/3 to 5 HP as required; single- or three-phase available
  • Refer to the motor operator area chart to select operator type based on dimensions and gauge
  • Choose between wall mount or front of headplate mount. Use the charts to determine headroom, sideroom and backroom clearance requirements.


  • Spring tension assembly within barrel by precision ball bearings.
  • Assembly designed for 20,000 cycle life springs (Standard). Higher cycles optional


Activation Devices

  • 165-degree fusible links provided as standard detection/release devices
  • Fail-safe time delayed releases, smoke detectors and audible and visual warning systems are optional
  • Drop speed is controlled by quiet governor - closing speed is between 6” to 24” per second per NFPA 80

Simple Test: Standard feature used for drop testing and resetting of the fire door from the floor without ladders, tools or other equipment.

Auto-Reset Operator automatically resets following a drop test or activation and is operable as soon as the alarm is cleared.


A variety of activation and detection devices are available to meet the unique needs of your project. Choices include but are not limited to: photoelectric smoke detectors, heat detectors, fail-safe time delayed releases, horn and strobe, and speaker and strobe. Contact factory for additional products.

Smoke Detectors

Speaker Strobes

Horn Strobes

Heat Detectors

Door Options


  • UL listed, brush type smoke seal package limits the smoke migration through the door.


  • Rolling fire doors may be specified with optional flame baffle to prevent spread of fire as required*.

    *C.H.I. Guardian™ Fire Doors do not require a flame baffler to meet certification requirements, however it can be added to provide an extra degree of protection against flame spread.


  • Chain hoist doors operated doors furnished with chain hoist keeper suitable for padlocking. Plated slide locks optional.